A surgical procedure can be a scary experience for people in Newton. The mere thought of a person putting their life in the hands of another person is terrifying in itself. When the potential of surgical errors is factored in, the worries for the person undergoing the procedure and his or her loved ones can be almost too much to bear.

Surgical mistakes can happen for a multitude of reasons including a negligent operating room staff and a careless surgeon. Those who have been subjected to this kind of mistake need to be aware of what they have to do after it happens.

Surgical mistakes can happen anywhere, as a recent report showed when a 44-year-old woman in Spain was found to have a forceps still in her body after her surgery was completed. The woman had a minor procedure and, when she was examined two days later, was found to have the forceps remaining inside her. The staff had grown concerned that the equipment was still in the woman when they couldn’t find it. Another procedure was performed to remove the forceps and she didn’t suffer any further damage. The medical staff was fined $11,000 for the mistake.

One of the most egregious errors that a medical professional can make is leaving surgical equipment inside a patient. While many hospitals and medical centers are implementing new procedures to make certain that all pieces of equipment are accounted for with various fail-safes, these mistakes still happen. Even though the person receiving the surgery might have mentally prepared for all eventualities, it is still a shock if this happens. That shock can be made worse if serious injury results. For families, if a person unexpectedly dies after a procedure, an investigation must commence to find out if negligent operating room staff was the cause.

In this case, a woman was found to have a forceps left inside her body after an operation; this required her to have a second operation. For anyone facing a similar issue, it’s imperative to have legal protection by discussing the matter with an attorney as soon as possible.

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