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The role of the anesthesiologist and Newton anesthesia errors

| Apr 15, 2015 | Anesthesia & Medication Errors

When a person in Newton undergoes surgery or any procedure that requires them being placed under anesthetic, there are certain dangers present. Even though many don’t like to think about the worst case scenario, anesthesia can be treacherous. If there are anesthesia errors, serious injury and even death can result. One of the first protections a person who is about to go under anesthesia should have is to understand exactly what it is an anesthesiologist does.

Prior to surgery, the anesthesiologist will examine the patient’s medical records. Understanding the issues that can arise during a procedure is a way to prevent them from happening. The anesthesiologist will determine the best way to keep the patient sedated and safe. There are three kinds of anesthetics that are used: regional, local, and general. The anesthesiologist will monitor the patient while the surgery is taking place. This includes all vital signs such as the respiration, pulse, blood pressure and body temperature.

When the surgery is taking place, patients are usually given intravenous fluids. The anesthesiologist is responsible for this as well. Patients sometimes need blood transfusions during surgery. This too is the domain of the anesthesiologist. It is unavoidable that medical emergencies will arise when there is a surgical procedure happening. This can occur during a rudimentary or complex surgery. The anesthesiologist is there to respond to any problem that arises and to ensure the patient’s safety.

Considering the responsibility that the anesthesiologist has and the various tasks he or she has to perform, there is the chance that mistakes will be made. There can be a dosage mistake or various forms of anesthesia negligence that can lead to problems and even death for the patient. This can happen to everyday people and even those who are wealthy and famous. An attorney experienced in pursuing litigation after anesthesia errors can be helpful in determining what happened, if it could have been prevented, and seeking compensation for the victim’s damages.

Source: Houston Chronicle, “The Duties of the Anesthesiologist During Surgery,” Jeffrey Joyner, accessed on Apr. 14, 2015


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