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May 2015 Archives

Urinary tract infections can result in failure to diagnose cancer

Patients in Newton who are dealing with a health issue will want to receive an accurate diagnosis as soon as possible. Even in the worst case scenario, when the diagnosis is cancer, it is better to be told of it early to avoid the spread of disease and a worsened condition. In some instances, there is a medical problem that is discovered that can delay the diagnosis of a more serious problem like cancer. Such is the case with a urinary tract infection delaying the discovery of cancer.

Pursuing a birth injury case for Newton facial nerve palsy

When Newton parents are expecting a child, it is likely in the back of their minds that there could be an issue arising during the pregnancy or delivery process that results in birth injuries. When the reality hits, however, it can be a terrible experience that can be costly both emotionally and financially. When the injuries could have been avoided, it is even worse. One problem that can happen is facial nerve palsy.

Brain trauma and concussions in Newton athletes

For years, people in Newton associated a traumatic brain injury with an accident or incident that happened without warning. Recent attention has been paid to head injuries that might occur while people are participating in sports. A concussion is a form of brain trauma. Its symptoms can range from mild to severe. As greater focus has been placed on the safety of the athletes, people who might have been injured in this way realize that they might not have been properly diagnosed or treated after the injury leading to longer-term problems and perhaps even death.

Report shows veterans faced misdiagnosis and delayed treatment

Delayed treatment and a failure to diagnose patients who might be suffering from an illness or condition is a significant problem for anyone in Newton who is subjected to this kind of mistake. If that person was a member of the military and faces the aftermath of a missed diagnosis, it is an even more egregious misstep due to the sacrifices the person and the person's family willingly signed up for. Unfortunately, these errors are happening all too frequently.

Understanding birth injury from perinatal asphyxia

Newton parents who are expecting a child must always bear in mind that there is the possibility of a birth injury occurring. These injuries can happen while the mother is pregnant or during the delivery process. In some instances, the doctors and medical staff could have done something to prevent it. In other cases, the medical professionals might even have made a mistake to cause it. One health issue that can occur with a baby is perinatal asphyxia.

Anesthesia errors and serious injury to children

Any patient in Newton who needs to undergo a medical procedure that requires anesthesia should understand the dangers of serious injury from a potential mistake. This concern is exacerbated when it is a child who is placed under anesthesia. Research has shown that there is more reason to worry than simple parental concern over a child's well being when anesthetized. The evidence has indicated that being placed under general anesthetic can lead to developmental impairment in babies and young children.

Newton medication errors could stem from electronic records

As technology advances in Newton and across the United States, what was meant to help medical professionals improve their treatment of patients is, in reality, believed to be leading to errors that are spurring an increase in legal filings. While electronic records are being used to have a more accurate record for treatment, the data and its integrity could cause problems for patients. There is a belief that an absence of people questioning the safety of the new technology is a factor.

Newton cancer misdiagnosis can also mean false positive

Cancer is a frightening thought for people in Newton. Given the number of women who are faced with breast cancer on an annual basis, it's often said that they should get regular mammograms and receive an early diagnosis in order to treat the disease. However, a study into misdiagnoses indicates that a cancer misdiagnosis in which patients were told they had breast cancer led to $4 billion in spending on an annual basis. This study looked at women between the ages of 40 and 59.

Legal help for Newton surgical errors in cosmetic procedures

For many people in Newton, plastic surgery is an option that they consider for a variety of reasons. It could be due to a corrective necessity or they might have a perceived imperfection that they want to repair. Or it could simply be a matter of need for a career. Some people just want to adhere to their own preferred aesthetic and have a procedure done. Just like any surgery, however, there are risks for surgical errors or a negligent operating room staff. These can cause significant damage and even fatality.