For many people in Newton, plastic surgery is an option that they consider for a variety of reasons. It could be due to a corrective necessity or they might have a perceived imperfection that they want to repair. Or it could simply be a matter of need for a career. Some people just want to adhere to their own preferred aesthetic and have a procedure done. Just like any surgery, however, there are risks for surgical errors or a negligent operating room staff. These can cause significant damage and even fatality.

Cosmetic procedures are just like operations for medical issues – they can be dangerous and mistakes are possible. Whether it’s a face lift, liposuction, breast implants or anything else, there can be errors at any stage of the process. Improper use of medical equipment can leave the patient with long-term problems that cost a significant amount of money to repair. They could have extensive medical issues that require greater treatment make it difficult for the patient to return to work or be an active part of family life.

Patients might be under the impression that plastic surgery is a relatively simple endeavor with a low rate of complications. They might have expectations that are out of line with the reality of what the doctor can accomplish. Some medical professionals might exacerbate this belief with outrageous claims as to what can be done. In the event that a procedure doesn’t end with damage but is not satisfactory to the patient, this too can be the foundation for pursuing a legal claim.

Whether it’s breast augmentation or reduction, surgery to the eyelids, a tummy tuck, a face lift or any other form of plastic surgery, the same safety protocols and requirements apply to the medical staff. If there is a mistake, the patient has the right to pursue a legal claim. If a person unexpectedly died during the procedure, the family has the right to demand an investigation to see if it was due to a fatal surgical error. With any kind of surgical error, discussing the matter with a lawyer experienced in plastic surgery mishaps is paramount to achieving justice.