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July 2015 Archives

Actress's missed diagnosis of cancer ruins ability to have kids

The failure to diagnose cancer can negatively affect people in Newton, throughout Massachusetts and across the nation. This is not a problem that is relegated to one particular area, age group, financial circumstances or job. It can happen to anyone. There are numerous consequences to a missed diagnosis of cancer and they must be considered in the aftermath of the mistake. It is important to remember that delayed treatment can lead to the spread of disease, more side effects and even death. Newton residents should remember, too, a misdiagnosis also includes being told there is cancer when there isn't.

What is a laryngeal nerve injury in a newborn?

When a woman in Newton has a baby, the last thing she will expect is for the newborn to have some sort of birth injury. Unfortunately, this can happen for a multitude of reasons. Sometimes, it is an unavoidable instance that nothing can be done about. In other cases, however, there might have been a sign that the infant was going to have some sort of problem unless there was medical intervention. Perhaps the medical professionals made a mistake during delivery. One possible issue that a newborn can face is a laryngeal nerve injury.

Serious injury and fatality linked to surgeries done by robots

Surgical procedures in Massachusetts and across the country are becoming more reliant on technology. With that comes the increased use of machines that need to be properly calibrated, operated and work correctly. Considering the fact that improper use of medical equipment can lead to worsened condition and even death, it is important to know how to move forward with an investigation to see why surgical errors happened and whether or not there was a mistake made with the manufacture or operation of the technology.

Delayed treatment for misdiagnosed pancreatic cancer patients

For patients in Newton and across the country, it is beneficial for cancer to be detected early. Some cancers are worse than others when it comes to a survival rate and treatment options past a certain period. One of the more deadly cancers is pancreatic cancer. With the difficult nature of the disease and a new study showing the high percentage of misdiagnosis with this particular cancer, it makes it all the more dangerous.

Risk of negligent operating room staff using dirty equipment

Patients in Newton who are negatively affected by a mistake during surgery might be under the impression that it is limited to the improper use of medical equipment, surgery performed on the wrong body part or even a piece of surgical equipment mistakenly left in the patient. One mistake that is substantially egregious is if there is the use of dirty equipment when performing procedures. This happens more frequently than most think. An outbreak of illness earlier this year in Los Angeles brought this issue to light since it is believed to have been the result of a lack of cleanliness of the equipment.

Questions to ask to avoid prescription medication errors

Filling a prescription in Newton should not be something that causes injury or even death. But, the harsh reality is that it is possible for prescription medication errors to be made causing damage to the person. Other issues that might arise include a dosage mistake, not checking for allergies or a dangerous combination of prescriptions. For those who are getting a prescription, there are certain questions to ask before filling it and following the instructions.

Research examines the causes of wrong-site surgery

Patients in Newton and across the United States are aware of the dangers when they are set to undergo a surgical procedure. It's a risk to have even the smallest incision and surgery. When it is a larger and more dangerous procedure, there is always the possibility of long-term damage. While the surgery itself can be problematic, one issue that is rarely considered as a potential mistake is wrong-site surgery. Unfortunately, they do happen.

Woman who suffered head injury at baseball game still recovering

For people in Newton, and throughout Massachusetts, there is always a risk of an unexpected occurrence leading to an accident. With an accident comes the possibility of a severe injury. If it is a head injury, there is the chance that brain damage will result. Since the brain is so important to normal everyday function, recovery from brain damage can be a long and difficult process. It is somewhat understandable when there is such an injury in a car crash, while playing a sport or while at work. However, if the accident happens when it is completely unexpected and almost unprecedented, the shock can make the problems significantly worse.

New systems try to diminish prescription medication errors

For patients in Newton, and across the entire country, medication is often an imperative part of their medical treatment. There is a certain amount of trust that is placed into the hands of medical professionals that they will dispense the correct medications in its proper amounts. While the vast majority of patients are treated with care and need not worry about a dosage mistake or some other gaffe occurring, they still happen.