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Actress’s missed diagnosis of cancer ruins ability to have kids

| Jul 31, 2015 | Failure To Diagnose & Misdiagnosis

The failure to diagnose cancer can negatively affect people in Newton, throughout Massachusetts and across the nation. This is not a problem that is relegated to one particular area, age group, financial circumstances or job. It can happen to anyone. There are numerous consequences to a missed diagnosis of cancer and they must be considered in the aftermath of the mistake. It is important to remember that delayed treatment can lead to the spread of disease, more side effects and even death. Newton residents should remember, too, a misdiagnosis also includes being told there is cancer when there isn’t.

An actress who went to her gynecologist suffering from bleeding was misdiagnosed and told that it was initially due to old age, then that it was cysts and then ovarian cancer, before finally being told it was an ectopic pregnancy. The patient first went for treatment and was given a test to determine whether or not she was pregnant. It came back that she was, but she was soon bleeding because of an ectopic pregnancy. The pregnancy was terminated using radiation. Because of that, she was told it would be a poor decision to get pregnant again.

These problems started when the woman was bleeding and in pain in 2012. After being told it was due to old age and then cysts, the doctor wanted to perform a hysterectomy. The patient did not agree to the surgery, but eventually agreed that the cysts be removed. The doctor claimed that the woman was now fine, but the patient still had bleeding and pain. In October 2012, she was told she was pregnant, then she was informed she had ovarian cancer. The actress’s sister is a doctor and after speaking to her and being told she was probably having an ectopic pregnancy, the treating doctor agreed. The woman apparently never had cancer and now may not be able to have children.

Although it is probably a relief that she did not have cancer, that does not assuage the aftermath of the series of alleged misdiagnoses she had to endure on the way to the accurate diagnosis and treatment of an ectopic pregnancy.

She has filed a case to recover compensation for the errors that were made. Those who are victimized by a similar series of mistakes due to a negligent physician need to understand their rights.

Source: New York Daily News, “Manhattan actress blames doctor’s error for losing ability to bear kids, sues for $50M,” Barbara Ross, Rich Schapiro, July 16, 2015


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