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Woman who suffered head injury at baseball game still recovering

| Jul 3, 2015 | Traumatic Brain Injuries

For people in Newton, and throughout Massachusetts, there is always a risk of an unexpected occurrence leading to an accident. With an accident comes the possibility of a severe injury. If it is a head injury, there is the chance that brain damage will result. Since the brain is so important to normal everyday function, recovery from brain damage can be a long and difficult process. It is somewhat understandable when there is such an injury in a car crash, while playing a sport or while at work. However, if the accident happens when it is completely unexpected and almost unprecedented, the shock can make the problems significantly worse.

A 44-year-old woman who was injured by a shattered bat while in the stands of Fenway Park watching a Red Sox game is reportedly in constant pain as she tries to recover from her injuries. The bat flew into the stands after it broke when the batter swung at a pitch. It hit her in the head. At the time, her injuries were said to be life-threatening. After several days, she was said to be responsive and on the road to recovery.

Her boyfriend disputes that positive outlook to a certain degree by saying she fractured her skull in several places, suffered fractured bones in her face, and had two arteries in her brain severed. She had massive bleeding and the doctors have stated that her survival is miraculous. He also says that she has lost hearing in one ear and no longer has the sense of smell. She is currently going through rehabilitation and family and friends are trying to raise funds to pay for her care.

This case illustrates how accidents can happen randomly and at the most innocent moments. Its aftermath also shows how a head injury can severely damage a person’s life and ability to function. They might require long-term care. While the woman’s prognosis is somewhat optimistic considering the initial injury, that does not eliminate the personal and financial costs that brain damage can cause.

Source:, “Paxton woman hit by bat at Fenway reported in constant pain,” June 26, 2015


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