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August 2015 Archives

Understanding possible serious injury from plastic surgery

Whether a person in Newton undergoes plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons or for corrective purposes, there is the risk of a surgeon mistake, serious injury, long-term problems and even fatal complications. While those who are preparing for the surgery will sign the required consent forms and realize that there is danger with any surgical procedure, plastic surgery has grown so common that few will consider the real possibility that it can do them damage. Knowing the most frequent complications with plastic surgery can prepare people beforehand and help them know what to look for after the procedure.

Dangers of a C-section to Newton newborn babies

A cesarean section has become so common a procedure in Newton that it's easily forgotten that it is actually surgery and can be dangerous. In many ways, it is even more risky because there is not just the mother who is a concern, but the newborn as well. Having a baseline idea of the details of the procedure and its risks can help parents recognize when a negligent doctor might have made a mistake during the delivery process when there is a C-section.

Misdiagnosed cancer leads to veteran filing lawsuit

Massachusetts residents and people across the country may unfortunately feel the effect of cancer on their lives at some point. In many instances, the disease can be treated, and the individual who was confronted with the diagnosis will be able to live a normal life. In others, the disease is fatal. There are times, however, when a mistake is made and there is a cancer misdiagnosis costing valuable treatment time. This is often not a simple mistake that can be rectified with an apology. There are consequences to it that can harm a person severely.

Research suggests Newton kids playing football face brain trauma

Newton youths participate in a wide variety of sports including football. With football, the concerns for parents are growing even if they let their kids play. Having children playing the game of tackle football is under growing scrutiny with the number of people who have suffered brain trauma after a head injury. Research is indicative of the dangers of traumatic brain injury when the sport is played by kids under the age of 12.

Confusion with similarly named drugs causes drug error

As useful as medications and prescription drugs can be to people in Newton, there is still a danger that the wrong drug can harm a person or even lead to a fatality. Many people associate a medical mistake to an anesthesia error. What they may not consider is that prescription medication errors can be just as, if not more, dangerous than a mistake with anesthesia. Being aware of the possibility of the wrong drug being administered must be considered if there is an unexplained illness or reaction to medications that should have been safe for a patient to take.

Newton legal help for prescription medication errors

People in Newton will receive prescriptions for a variety of reasons -- from preventative care to treating a medical issue. There is a vast amount of trust that is placed into a pharmacist to make certain that the right medication in its proper dose is provided. There are many different issues that can be concerning when taking medication. This is something that must be considered whenever there is a prescription given.

Symptoms from sports-related concussions differ based on gender

Sports participation is a popular pastime for males and females in Newton and across the state. While some sports are considered to be riskier than others for the possibility of brain injury due to the contact-based nature of them, other sports can be just as dangerous. In short, it's not just football that can might cause brain damage and high medical expenses. With men and women taking part in numerous different sports, it's unavoidable that injuries will happen to both genders. Understanding how certain issues like concussions affect men and women differently is important to treating it and knowing if someone's negligence contributed to its aftereffects.

Study: Stillbirths now outpace infant mortality

A recent study shows that rates infant mortality have fallen in the United States over the past decade. Unfortunately, researchers have not found a similar change in the number of stillbirths. In fact, the number of reported stillbirths is slightly higher than the number of reported infant deaths.