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Misdiagnosed cancer leads to veteran filing lawsuit

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2015 | Failure To Diagnose & Misdiagnosis

Massachusetts residents and people across the country may unfortunately feel the effect of cancer on their lives at some point. In many instances, the disease can be treated, and the individual who was confronted with the diagnosis will be able to live a normal life. In others, the disease is fatal. There are times, however, when a mistake is made and there is a cancer misdiagnosis costing valuable treatment time. This is often not a simple mistake that can be rectified with an apology. There are consequences to it that can harm a person severely.

A former member of the U.S. Army has filed a lawsuit against his local Veterans Administration Center because of misdiagnosed cancer. The man was suffering from headaches in the summer of 2012 and went to the medical facility for treatment. He was given surgery and suffered blindness in his right eye as a result. The headaches continued. According to the man, there was never an MRI to see if there was something else amiss. He went to an eye specialist and a tumor was found behind his eye. There is no treatment for his issue, and he believes he will die within a year.

With cancer, one of the keys is said to be finding it early. To fail to detect cancer is leaving the patient vulnerable to the spread of disease. If there is an incident of misdiagnosed cancer for any reason, there is the chance that another issue will be to blame for the medical problem from which the patient is suffering. That can lead to the wrong treatment given, and make the situation worse. Many different cancers can be misdiagnosed, and those who are confronted with this issue need to understand what to do in the aftermath.

In this incident, the VA and a negligent physician are being blamed for the misdiagnosed cancer that is now believed to be untreatable. Given the high stakes and long-term damage that is alleged to have been done to this man, he has chosen to file a lawsuit. Those who are facing similar issues may want to discuss the matter with an attorney, to learn if they have any options for legal recourse.

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