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Newton legal help for prescription medication errors

| Aug 7, 2015 | Anesthesia & Medication Errors

People in Newton will receive prescriptions for a variety of reasons — from preventative care to treating a medical issue. There is a vast amount of trust that is placed into a pharmacist to make certain that the right medication in its proper dose is provided. There are many different issues that can be concerning when taking medication. This is something that must be considered whenever there is a prescription given.

A dangerous combination of prescriptions and prescription medication errors can lead to illness and even death. Knowing how to recognize this issue and understanding what to do after it happens can be imperative not just for treatment, but to be compensated in a legal filing. Not checking for allergies is a frequent mistake that is made. Taking one medication that might be effective for a certain issue might unknowingly cause harm if it is taken with another medicine that can counteract its effects. The combination of medications can even lead to damage.

Given the way most people trust their pharmacist to give the right medication, if there is an adverse issue that arises, a severe injury or a fatality, the idea that a negligent pharmacist and a dangerous combination of prescriptions was the cause might never enter their thought process. In many instances, an allergic reaction will have clear signs and these must be examined to determine how and why the incident happened.

Illness and injury are never easy to deal with especially if it was someone who didn’t seem to have anything wrong. This is exacerbated if there is an unexpected fatality. If the person was taking certain medicines and what happened is questionable or suspicious, it is perfectly acceptable to ask for tests to be conducted to determine whether there was a mistake with medication or combination of medications that caused it. Discussing the matter with a lawyer can help with the investigation and potential litigation.


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