Some well-known problems that can stem from a severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) include a person who is severely hurt, has brain damage, requires constant care and is unable to function on his or her own. When a person in Newton has a TBI, there are often other problems that might not seem as severe, but can cause them to have functional issues even after they have supposedly recovered. One that is being studied is attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD). Research shows that there may be a connection between a traumatic brain injury and ADHD.

A telephone survey of people in Canada indicates that there may be a link between TBI and ADHD. According to the study, those who had TBI suffered from ADHD twice as frequently. Since ADHD leads to impulsiveness and trouble maintaining attention, the association between TBI and ADHD can cause problems that might not previously have been known. As recently as 2011, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that an estimated 11 percent of children between the ages of four and 17 were diagnosed as having ADHD. That amounted to around 6.4 million individuals. 

TBI is an increasingly prevalent problem and, by 2020, the World Health Organization thinks that it will become the third largest precursor of disability and disease around the globe. Other researchers have found that there might be a link between ADHD and TBI. This is because many of the symptoms are similar. Those with TBI can have memory problems, trouble with organizing, impulsive behaviors and difficulty processing certain concepts. The research discovered that nearly 6 percent of those who had received a diagnosis of ADHD also had a TBI in the past. Another 6.6 percent tested positive on the ADHD test when going through their phone interviews. The brain trauma relevant to this study included those who lost consciousness for a minimum of five minutes or had an overnight hospital stay.  

Newton residents may link suffering from TBI with numerous physical and cognitive problems. However, ADHD might also be a source of medical expenses, including therapy expenses. Those who suffered from TBI need to understand the full scope of the injury including how it might negatively affect their ability to function. It might be the basis for a lawsuit.

Source:, “New study supports link between ADHD and traumatic brain injury,” Aug. 23, 2015