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Some illnesses are more commonly misdiagnosed

| Dec 7, 2015 | Failure To Diagnose & Misdiagnosis

Everyone will suffer from some sort of illness in their lives. Figuring out what is wrong with us is the first step toward feeling better. Whether someone suffers from food poisoning, the flu, or something as serious as cancer,  an accurate and timely diagnosis can make a significant difference in one’s recovery.

It is worrying, therefore, to know that misdiagnoses are not as uncommon as we would hope. A study suggests that about one in 20 American adult patients are impacted by diagnostic mistakes every year. The following are some ailments that the medical field most commonly misdiagnoses:

Cancer: More than a quarter of cancer cases are reportedly misdiagnosed. Some forms of cancer are even more likely to be misdiagnosed than that. Breast cancer and melanoma are two examples of cancer types that are most commonly missed.

Heart attack: Not knowing when a heart attack has happened might sound odd. But a patient might not even believe he or she has suffered a heart attack, and that is because symptoms are not always what one would expect. Proper medical tests should detect a heart attack. A doctor just needs to perform those tests should a patient’s symptoms suggest that they do so.

The above conditions are serious — and generally need serious, timely treatment. Diagnostic errors in cases of heart attacks and cancer can lead to further health complications and even death. These are just a couple of various commonly misdiagnosed conditions. Our next post will continue this list. 

A list like this should remind readers that health matters are complicated. Healthcare professionals have a responsibility to provide the proper standard of care to patients. When a patient’s reliance on a medical professional leads to bad results, that patient might have the right to file a medical malpractice claim. 


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