Since our law firm represents victims of medical malpractice in Massachusetts, we usually share posts about victims’ cases, ranging from surgical errors, misdiagnoses, birth injuries and more. But this post takes a different look at the issue of medical malpractice, by giving you an idea of what doctors say and feel following a malpractice complaint. 

Physicians who were sued for medical malpractice responded to certain questions about their cases, their actions and feelings regarding the incidents in question. The following are a few notable takeaways from the study:

More than half of the doctors claim that they would have done nothing differently in the cases that resulted in their lawsuits. This, however, means that almost half of the respondents would have done something differently. 

What would those physicians have done differently in order to try to avoid a medical incident or lawsuit? Some of the doctors say that they would have documented issues of the case more carefully. Others felt that they could have engaged in better communication with their patients and/or physically spent more time with them. Others regret not having run more medical tests, while others wish they hadn’t taken on the patients involved with the case at all. 

Based on these responses, readers can see that issues such as thorough communication, documentation, and quality time with a doctor could be important to avoiding medical malpractice. If a patient worries that he or she isn’t receiving those elements as part of their or their loved one’s care, they might want to speak up and ask for what they need. They could even switch providers. Someone who believes they were injured because of any of the mentioned issues in this post should speak with a medical malpractice attorney.