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Advancement in brain injury technology could save risk, money

| Jan 26, 2016 | Traumatic Brain Injuries

Brain injuries are getting more attention these days than they have in the past. This is thanks partly to big personal injury cases tied to NFL players and their head injuries, and also to Hollywood recently having released a movie about the subject. 

But traumatic brain injuries can happen in a variety of ways, not just on a sports field. TBI’s are life-changing to anyone who suffers from them, and they can make for expensive, distressing medical treatments. Scientists claim to have found what they think might be a less expensive, less intrusive medical treatment for brain injuries.

It is important to note right away, that the new medical device has not yet been tested on humans. International researchers, however, believe that the success they have seen with a medical chip in rats’ brains could be translated to medical success among people with brain injuries and other serious conditions. 

What is appealing about this new wireless sensor chip is that it can be put into a brain but doesn’t need to be surgically extracted. After the chip is implanted and collects the information that doctors would want regarding a patient’s condition, the chip supposedly dissolves naturally, posing no health risk to a patient. 

Surgery for any reason, including the extraction of a medical device, puts a patient at risk. It also can cost money. Therefore, if this dissolvable sensor chip can save TBI patients from at least one fewer procedure, then it could be a positive addition to the list of medical options that patients face. 

It is always stressful to have to deal with a medical condition, including one as serious as a brain injury. That stress is compounded with frustration when a TBI is the result of someone else’s negligence. If you or a loved one is in the midst of juggling the cost and stress of medical treatments after an accident, talk to a brain injury attorney who can offer you a level of needed support.


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