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February 2016 Archives

Failure to offer genetic testing could be OBGYN malpractice

Most parents here in Massachusetts and elsewhere want their children to have the best chance at living a full, happy and healthy life. With the scientific advances in genetics that have occurred in recent years, prospective parents might be able to determine ahead of time whether their child has a genetic condition that could deny their child that chance. If your obstetrician fails to offer genetic testing and/or counseling to you, and your child is born with a debilitating condition, it could be grounds for OBGYN malpractice case.

A birth injury could be caused by the misuse of forceps

As many Middlesex County mothers already know, any number of issues can arise during the birth of a child that might require extra assistance from a doctor. One instrument that might be used is forceps. However, if they are not used correctly, a birth injury can result.

How to make going under anesthesia less scary

Some people become nervous when they hear that they or a loved one will have to undergo anesthesia for a medical procedure. Sure, anesthesia can be higher risk for some patients, but it is a common medical treatment that most medical professionals should be able to administer without great risk of harm. 

How poor management can turn a good doctor bad

What do we expect from doctors? The primary expectation is that they can diagnose and treat our health problems. And the ability to do that is no small feat. A recent report about the business behind being a doctor, however, warns that perhaps we need to expect more in order to feel we are getting the best medical care. 

Miscommunication plays large role in medical malpractice cases

When facing any type of medical situation, it is common and normal to rely on medical staff to communicate with not only you - but also with each other. After all, they are the doctors and nurses -- and therefore -- they should be the ones staying on top of possible complications and treatment. It should not be up to the patient to make sure the medical staff is properly communicating with each other.

February marks awareness month for heart health

Just about every month marks an awareness campaign for some important health or safety matter. But the month of February is significant because it is American Heart Month. If we don't have healthy hearts, our quality of life is severely diminished. Not only that, but heart disease is our country's top killer.