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Failure to offer genetic testing could be OBGYN malpractice

| Feb 20, 2016 | Birth Injuries

Most parents here in Massachusetts and elsewhere want their children to have the best chance at living a full, happy and healthy life. With the scientific advances in genetics that have occurred in recent years, prospective parents might be able to determine ahead of time whether their child has a genetic condition that could deny their child that chance. If your obstetrician fails to offer genetic testing and/or counseling to you, and your child is born with a debilitating condition, it could be grounds for OBGYN malpractice case.

Testing can be done on both parents and/or the unborn child. These tests can determine whether one or both parents is a carrier of certain genetic conditions such as cystic fibrosis, spina bifida or sickle cell disease, among many others. Research shows that approximately three percent of all children are born with a single gene disorder that manifests prior to the child’s 25th birthday. Another two percent of infants suffer a debilitating genetic abnormality.

That may only mean that there is a five percent chance that a genetic abnormality exists. However, for the parents whose children fall into that seemingly small percentage, it is significant. Therefore, every parent should be given the opportunity to have testing done.

Massachusetts parents who have children who suffer from significant genetic disorders devote a great deal of time, effort and money to the care of their child. Most do it out of love, but that does not mean that the fact that they were denied the opportunity to know ahead of time should be overlooked. If your obstetrician did not provide you with the relevant information and chance for testing, and your child is born with a genetic defect that testing would have identified, you may be able to file an OBGYN malpractice claim.


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