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February marks awareness month for heart health

| Feb 1, 2016 | Failure To Diagnose & Misdiagnosis

Just about every month marks an awareness campaign for some important health or safety matter. But the month of February is significant because it is American Heart Month. If we don’t have healthy hearts, our quality of life is severely diminished. Not only that, but heart disease is our country’s top killer. 

As the leading cause of death, particularly among women, there must be a consistent and collaborative effort within American society to effectively combat heart disease. Defensive action includes doctors properly diagnosing and then properly treating heart disease. Improvements must specifically be made regarding the care of women with heart problems.

Women might show up to their healthcare providers speaking of symptoms that don’t fit the classic list of heart attack or heart disease symptoms. Signs of such health troubles often vary from women to men, and doctors need to be trained and highly conscious of that reality to identify women in the midst of a health crisis as soon as possible. 

Failing to diagnose a heart condition can lead to improper treatment. Improper treatment likely leads to a more serious health event, such as a fatal heart attack. If proper medical tests and treatments could have prevented the potentially fatal health event, families should look to the doctors who failed to properly treat their loved one and ask serious questions.

The issue of women’s heart health is becoming more of a highlighted topic of discussion within the medical field and even the general American community. It will be of much discussion this week, including here in Newton, as Feb. 5 is National Wear Red Day to raise awareness for the pressing health concern. 

Someone who feels that their healthcare provider could and should have done more to protect their health or the health of their loved one has every right to discuss their case with a medical malpractice lawyer. Whether it is Feb. 5 or just a normal Tuesday, every patient deserves to receive the greatest standard of care from their doctor. 


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