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How to make going under anesthesia less scary

| Feb 6, 2016 | Anesthesia & Medication Errors

Some people become nervous when they hear that they or a loved one will have to undergo anesthesia for a medical procedure. Sure, anesthesia can be higher risk for some patients, but it is a common medical treatment that most medical professionals should be able to administer without great risk of harm. 

Tragically, anesthesia errors do occur and threaten the well-being of patients. WebMD offers the following safety tips that patients can follow to help reduce the risk of something going wrong while under anesthesia:

  • If you are worried about general anesthesia, first make sure that it is your only or best medical option given your specific situation. There might be a less risky alternative that your doctor could offer that would be appropriate and safe.
  • Some of the fear about certain procedures is not knowing who will be working on you. It might be possible to meet the anesthesia team who will be helping you and ask them questions. Having a sense of the people and their skills could ease your mind. If you are not satisfied with what you see or hear, you have every right to find help elsewhere. 
  • Research your family history and find out specifically if anyone has had bad reactions to anesthesia. You could be more prone to experiencing similar complications due to genetics. It isn’t enough to know your family history; you have to share it with your medical provider so he might alter treatment to serve your best interests.

Doing your research and communicating with your medical providers can make a big difference in your safety. But when those actions on your part do not prevent a doctor or anesthesiologist from making a medical mistake, your life can still be significantly altered. Work with a medical malpractice lawyer who can take your side and fight for the compensation you need should you become a victim to an anesthesia error. 


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