Sometimes when a baby is born, he or she could suffer an injury. This is often referred to as a birth injury or birth trauma. There are some injuries that are more common when certain factors happen. These include:

— The baby is born too early.

— The baby is not presenting head first into the birth canal.

— The baby is very large.

— The mother is obese.

— Labor is very long or very difficult.

— A Cesarean delivery is needed.

— Devices are used to assist delivery, such as forceps.

There are birth injuries that occur more frequently than others. These include:

— Facial nerve injury due to pressure on the baby’s face.

— Fracture of the collarbone or clavicle.

— Brachial plexus injury.

— Small blood vessel breakage in a baby’s eyes.

— Bruising or swelling of the baby’s head.

In some cases, a birth injury is caused by a doctor’s negligence. It could be because the doctor did not order a Cesarean birth after a baby’s heart rate drops too low. Cerebral palsy is caused when the baby’s brain suffers damage during birth. Placenta previa occurs when the placenta blocks the birth canal and if the doctor does not diagnose this problem in time, it can prevent a normal delivery or cause profuse bleeding.

Parents may not be aware that their baby’s birth injury was due to medical malpractice. At Barry D. Lang, M.D., & Associates, we have medical experts who can determine if your baby’s birth injury could have been prevented. You can learn more about the different causes and types of birth injuries by visiting our many webpages on the topics.