A New London jury has awarded a woman $1.8 million dollars in relation to a medical procedure in which a doctor cut the wrong fallopian tube. The procedure was performed in 2011 at Lawrence Memorial Hospital. At the time, the doctor who made the error was only 18 months out of her residency.

While the procedure took place at Lawrence Memorial Hospital, the doctor is now working at Mount Auburn OBGYN, located in Arlington, Massachusetts.

The woman was 28 years of age at the time of the procedure. She originally visited the hospital with complaints of right side pelvic pain. After admission, doctors were unsure as to whether she had an infection or appendicitis.

One week after visiting the emergency room, the woman underwent an appendectomy performed by another doctor. At some point, the other surgeon entered the room to perform a procedure on the right fallopian tube.

The original doctor realized something strange was going on, at which point he called in another physician.

The verdict includes $1.3 million for non-economic damages, $190,000 for medical expenses, and $310,000 for loss of consortium.

After five years of waiting, the trial lasted two weeks before the jury made its decision.

When a patient visits a medical facility for treatment, they expect that they will be in good hands at all times. Unfortunately, there is no surefire way of knowing how much experience or knowledge a doctor has. In some cases, a lack of knowledge and experience leads to a serious mistake, such as one that permanently injures the patient.

Source: The Day, “Jury awards $1.8 million in medical malpractice case,” Karen Florin, April 21, 2016