There is no denying the fact that many doctors understand the important of screening for gynecologic cancer. They realize that this type of cancer is on the rise. They also realize that it can be fatal if not diagnosed early.

While medicine has come a long way over the past few decades, there are no effective tools in place for all types of gynecologic cancer. For this reason, it is essential that doctors have a system in place for pinpointing symptoms.

Ovarian cancer, for instance, is a major killer among women of all ages. Many women are diagnosed in the late stages of the disease because they overlooked a variety of warning signs, including but not limited to:

— Digestive problems

— Low appetite

— Constipation

— Unintentional weight loss

— Bladder problems

Not only should women be aware of these symptoms, but doctors should be as well. This could help them run tests that could catch ovarian cancer, among other problems, before it becomes even more serious.

There are other forms of gynecologic cancer that can also occur, such as vaginal cancers and endometrial cancer.

In a perfect world, there would be a simple screening test for every type of gynecologic cancer. For now, however, this is not reality. Instead, women need to fight hard to keep an eye on every part of their body. If any symptoms occur, they need to seek immediate medical attention, as the right tests can determine if cancer is present.

Even though women can do a lot on their own, they also rely on their doctor for assistance.

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