The birth of a child is a happy event for most families. Other families have a birth experience that is marred by medical malpractice or negligence. Medical malpractice and negligence during a woman’s labor and delivery can lead to complications for her or the baby. In extreme cases, the mother or baby can die from the birth injuries.

During labor, the woman and her unborn baby must be monitored. This can include keeping an eye on the fetal heart rate and the woman’s contractions to see how the baby is reacting to the stress of labor. If the baby shows signs of distress, delivery is crucial. That often means the woman will need a c-section.

When the doctor or nurses miss the signs of fetal distress, the baby can suffer from lack of oxygen. That can lead to lifelong medical issues or death. We know that parents are going to love their children regardless of what medical issues they have. When the medical issues could likely have been prevented by medical staff following proper procedures, parents might opt to seek compensation for the birth injury.

When you decide to seek compensation, an investigation must be done to determine exactly what happened. We can look into the actions that were taken, as well as those that weren’t taken. We can compare those actions to the standard of care that applied in your case. From there, we can explain your options for seeking the compensation that might help you to be able to afford the care your child needs for the rest of their life.