Sometimes, medications can have side effects that you weren’t told were possible. These potential adverse events could be life threatening, even if you aren’t mixing medications.

For instance, the American Heart Association has stated that there are a number of drugs that could trigger heart failure for those already struggling with heart problems. That means simply taking a drug as prescribed could be dangerous for you; your doctor should make you aware of the potential illnesses you could suffer before you ever touch these medications with your condition.

These medications, particularly nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, worsen heart failure by allowing fluids to be retained by the body and by retaining sodium as well. Diuretic medications, which some patients take for heart conditions, can be made ineffective by the drugs. Other medications, like cold treatments, may also have too much sodium; sodium is restricted in the diets of those with heart failure.

Supplements can be dangerous, too. The AHA has pointed out that supplements with ephedra can cause your blood pressure to rise, and others, like green tea, can actually interact with heart failure medications.

It can be hard to know everything that could affect you when you’re on prescriptions for a condition like heart failure; it’s your doctor and pharmacist’s job to tell you all the risks and what to avoid. If you are given a medication that you shouldn’t have been taken and suffer an adverse medical event, you may be able to file a claim against those who were supposed to be giving you the right information about the drugs you were on.

Source: Pharmacy Times, “Common Medications Can Trigger Heart Failure,” Allison Gilchrist, July 18, 2016