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Woman dies after doctors fail to monitor her liver function

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2016 | Anesthesia & Medication Errors

A 78-year-old grandmother is dead after taking Nizoral for her discolored toenail. The woman was prescribed the drug, which is known to cause liver toxicity, but her doctor failed to monitor her liver function during the four-and-a-half months she was taking the medication.

The woman’s devastating story came to an end after a 3-week hospitalization. At the time of her death, she was 25 pounds heavier than her normal weight because of fluid built up because her body’s systems shut down. She was on narcotic medications to help control her pain. Her kidneys and liver stopped working.

This woman’s family opted to seek compensation for her tragic and painful death, saying that the lack of monitoring was completely unacceptable. Back in June, a jury that heard this case deliberated for 90 minutes and returned with an award in the plaintiff’s favor in the amount of $4.7 million. That case was for her wrongful death, medical expenses, funeral expenses and pain and suffering.

A second case, this one for medical malpractice, was recently settled in the amount of $4.9 million. The settlement comes after the insurance company opt to bypass the $2 million policy limit and settle for more than twice that limit.

Proper monitoring is crucial for any patient who is given prescription medications. This is especially true when there are known toxicity issues associated with the prescription. Failing to properly monitor the patient can lead to serious harm or death. Patients and their family members who have to deal with the repercussions of failure to monitor might choose to seek compensation.

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