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Cognition is affected by traumatic brain injuries

| Sep 6, 2016 | Traumatic Brain Injuries

Cognition is one aspect of your brain activity that can be affected if you suffer a traumatic brain injury. Recovering from cognitive challenges takes time and hard work; it can be expensive, which is why any settlement you consider should take into consideration your ongoing medical care needs.

Cognition, or the act of thinking, includes things like your memory, communication techniques, the way you plan or organize thoughts or actions, impulse control and attention and concentration. After a traumatic brain injury, it can be a common side effect that you struggle with concentration, speech, language, problem-solving and other cognitive behaviors.

To help patients improve attention and concentration, skills must be practiced and distractions have to be decreased. Individuals may have to take more breaks than usual, which could affect their ability to work or participate in activities they enjoy.

Improving the ability to process information is another area patients need to work on. They will need to take more time to repeat, reread and even take notes on what’s being said, so they can have the time needed to completely understand any given information.

For those struggling with speech and language, therapy may be necessary. Hand signals might be used to tell someone that he or she is off topic or has lost a thought pattern. Therapists work with patients to help them reform words, learn to put together cohesive sentences and understand new information through a number of methods.

All these techniques can be used, but time, patience and money is necessary to complete the programs. Those who have been hurt in accidents must be compensated fairly to help them work on these symptoms, so they can have a better quality of life.

Source: Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center, “Cognitive Problems after Traumatic Brain Injury,” accessed Sep. 06, 2016


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