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Electronic health records can lead to problems with health care

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2016 | Failure To Diagnose & Misdiagnosis

Medical malpractice issues can stem from a host of issues. One issue that is sometimes blamed is the use of electronic health records. These records are sometimes incomplete or don’t contain accurate information. That can lead to patients receiving an incorrect diagnosis, incorrect treatments, or incorrect medications. In each of those cases, there is a chance that a patient will suffer from effects that will be life altering.

We know that the use of electronic health records can do a lot of good. Theoretically, these records should provide a continuity of care that isn’t possible with paper records. In actuality, these records can contain errors, around 64 percent of which are user-caused errors that are clerical in nature.

Patients can take a proactive approach to electronic health records by checking the information contained in them. Looking at listed health conditions, medications, and other information can often clue the patient into errors that are contained in these records. Patients who find errors will need to address those with their health care team. In order to have the health care that is possible by using electronic health records, those records have to be fully accurate all the time.

If you were harmed by a failure to diagnose or any other issue because of issues with the electronic health record, you might need ongoing medical care. You may have suffered other effects caused by the issue. We can help you to explore your option for seeking compensation so that you can try to recover some of the damages you have had to deal with.