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Injuries that are common during childbirth

| Nov 29, 2016 | Birth Injuries

For a child, simply being born can be a very traumatic experience. Doctors are trained to help prevent injuries, but children are still hurt every month during childbirth. A few common injuries include:

1. Broken collarbones. The collarbone is also called the clavicle, and this is the most frequently broken bone in newborns. Thought children do heal quickly, special treatment can be needed.

2. Femur and growth plate fractures. By no means is the clavicle the only bone in danger of being broken. In some cases, parents and doctors won’t know of all breaks until future x-rays show that the bones have been healing. It’s important to note that broken femurs are not common, and they often happen because of the way that the child is twisted while being born.

3. Erb’s palsy. This is a serious injury involving nerve damage. It sometimes heals on its own, but surgery could be necessary. It often happens when a child’s arm is pulled one way and his or her head is pulled the other way, stretching and injuring the nerves, and the child can be left with one arm that is weaker than the other.

Healing times for all of these injuries can vary. As noted, some injuries heal in weeks after the child is born and aren’t even noticed when they happen. Other injuries, like Erb’s palsy, can lead to as long as six months of healing time, and even that could be extended if surgery is then needed.

If your child has been hurt, you could be facing high medical costs and you may feel that a negligent doctor caused the injury. Be sure you know what rights you may have to seek compensation.

Source: Very Well, “Most Common Birth Injuries,” Jonathan Cluett, accessed Nov. 29, 2016


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