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February 2017 Archives

Could a surgeon's bad attitude actually endanger your health?

There's a stereotype that's seen on television and in movies of the "rude but brilliant" surgeon or medical specialist. The general idea is that their medical brilliance tends to make them abrupt around other people and impatient with the flawed mortals around them, including their patients.

Doctors don't always see communication problems

Communication is incredibly important to the doctor-patient relationship. Documents provided by the National Center for Biotechnology Information note that doctors who have good people skills and good relationships with their patients have a better chance of offering an accurate diagnosis, providing appropriate counsel, offering helpful therapeutic instructions, and building positive relationships that help with the care the patients are receiving.

Ovarian cancer is one of the top diseases doctors miss

When you go to the doctor and you get a clean bill of health, you trust that the medical professionals would have found anything that was wrong. Your very life could hang in the balance. If the doctor misses something and fails to diagnose a serious ailment, it could get worse -- and even turn fatal -- before it's found.