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March 2017 Archives

Did your doctor miss the signs of a potential uterine rupture?

A uterine rupture occurs when there's a separation of the uterine wall at the site of a prior cesarean incision. They often occur in women who are attempting a vaginal delivery after having had a prior cesarean (VBAC). If the uterine tear goes deep enough, the consequences for both the baby and the mother can be severe -- immediate surgical intervention is required.

Common dangers patients face in hospitals

Medical mistakes are thought to be the third leading cause of death in the United States, just behind heart disease and cancer -- but exact figures are hard to come by because death certificates are designed to list the disease or condition that the deceased was being treated for instead of the complication that led to death.

Study claims firefighters have high cancer risk

Firefighters already have a very dangerous job, running into burning buildings to save people and put fires out, when most people are running away. However, one study found that they may also face serious issues with cancer, as they have a high risk of developing the disease.

Relief is available from work-related stress

Hard work can have great impact on life for many Americans. However, whether that effect is positive or negative is often dictated by the stress level of an individual employee. While America is known as one of the most productive countries in the world, its workers are also among the most likely to experience job-related stress.

Too little information equals a lack of informed consent

All too often, doctors tell patients what treatment they're going to prescribe and treat the patient's role in the decision-making process as almost unimportant. Doctors will tell the patient the positive outcome they expect, and either gloss over the potential risks and alternative choices or skip that part of the discussion altogether.

Overworked and overtired nurses lead to poor patient care

Nurses are on the front line of patient care, and they're the last line of defense against medical errors -- which means they face an enormous amount of responsibility every day. Unfortunately, they may be facing that workload with far too few hands to help, and patients are suffering as a result.

Multiple births raise the risks

If you have multiple children at once -- twins or triplets, generally, though rarer cases involve even more children -- there could be a higher risk that the children are injured or do not survive. Experts note that risks of adverse outcomes are statistically higher than they are for children born on their own.