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Be aware of the 5th leading cause of young adult deaths

| May 2, 2017 | Failure To Diagnose

Strokes are not medical events that only impact the elderly. The older you get, you are probably starting to grasp the reality that old age is relative. Technically, you might be seen to others as, well, old — or at least older. 

If you are reading this and looking for legal information, you are not a child. And even if you are 18 you are not immune from suffering a stroke. Studies show that the rate of strokes among young adults has increased. This includes women, not just men as stroke victims.

That fact along with the arrival of the month of May makes it timely to talk about the importance of properly diagnosing strokes in the young as well as the old. 

May does more than usher in some of the most beautiful weather of the year in Boston. It ushers in National Stroke Awareness Month. Sure, we all know that strokes happen. Most of us have probably been impacted by a stroke and the damage it can do to a loved one’s health. 

What more people should know, however, is how to identify the symptoms of a stroke and whether they or someone they know is at-risk. It is also important to know medical professionals can misdiagnose a stroke, thereby allowing a patient’s condition to get worse or go untreated. 

Often there is no warning that a stroke is about to hit. Someone may all of the sudden experience symptoms such as confusion, loss of vision, slurred speech, headache, weakness and/or numbness in their body, etc. Any of these symptoms should prompt an urgent visit to a doctor who will hopefully diagnose a stroke as such in a timely fashion. 

Sadly, an accurate and timely diagnosis does not always happen. The failure to diagnose a stroke isn’t an innocent mistake. It can be a fatal or otherwise life-changing and preventable error. Treatment immediately following a stroke is critical in order to mitigate the impact a stroke might have on a person’s quality of life. 

If you believe a medical provider failed to properly diagnose or treat your condition or the stroke of a family member, you might have a case of medical malpractice. Discuss your sensitive situation with lawyers whom you trust to help you and hold negligent parties accountable.


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