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Training accident costs officer his eye, lawsuit follows

| Jun 23, 2017 | Firm News

Law enforcement individuals must continuously train in order to stay proficient in a number of skills required for their occupation. For one officer from Grandby, Massachusetts, the training went a little too far.

The officer was injured during defensive tactics training while in the police academy in November 2015. According to the lawsuit, the officer was supposed to be subduing another officer who was acting as if her was a drunk patron at a bar. The officer playing the drunk individual was on his back on the ground with the other officer on top of him. The officer on the ground took the other officer’s baton and struck him with it. That resulted in the Grandby officer losing his eye because it was “damaged beyond repair.”

The officer who struck the Grandby officer worked for West Springfield Police Department and is named as a defendant in the case. In addition, the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security is also named. The lawsuit states that the state was negligent because the Grandby officer wasn’t given eye protection during the exercise and that the other officer “stabbed the Plaintiff directly in his left eye with the duty baton.”

The victim in this case attempted to get criminal charges filed against the officer for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. However, a clerk magistrate ruled that no crime had been committed. The case was appealed, but that was unsuccessful as well.

The Grandby officer is seeking $1.16 million in medical expenses and past and future wages. The man will never again be able to work as a police officer.

If you have been injured because of another person’s negligence, recklessness or carelessness, you have a right to seek compensation. An experienced attorney can provide information about your legal options after your injured.

Source:, “Former Granby policeman who lost eye during training sues state, West Springfield officer,” Jim Russell, June 16, 2017


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