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Massachusetts construction worker dies ta work site

| Jul 25, 2017 | Firm News

Many Boston, Massachusetts, construction workers are able to successfully do their work without getting hurt. Others, however, get hurt in construction-related accidents. Those who do may be able to secure workers’ compensation.

One construction worker, who was at the Woburn Library construction site, was killed while working recently. The Massachusetts Coalition for Occupational Safety and Health, known as MassCOSH, released a statement saying that the death shows how dangerous the construction industry is.

Their assertion is evidenced by the fact that the recent death is the ninth on-the-job death of a construction worker in 2017. MassCOSH’s annual report on workplace fatalities and injuries says that there were 24 construction industry deaths on the job in 2016. Five of those resulted from contact with equipment or objects.

The construction worker who died at the library site was working on the foundation when he was hit by a rock. He died at the site. When incidents like that happen, the first thing people want to know is how the incident could have been avoided.

After all, employers are responsible for keeping all of their workers safe when they are at a work site, and must take all necessary measures to ensure that happens. If they don’t, they can be in deep trouble. The company by which the library worker was employed had a poor safety track record. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), it had 10 OSHA violations, across six states, dating back to 2009.

In Massachusetts, one of the company’s OSHA violations was deemed serious and the company incurred a penalty of $4,500. That violation was in regard to the safety training and education that it provides to its employees.

This case, and others like it, shows that construction companies need to not cut corners at the expense of safety. If they do, their workers may be hurt or killed, and the company may face severe legal consequences.

Source: Boston Real Estate Times, “Construction Worker Death at Woburn Public Library is the 9th on the Job in Massachusetts in 2017,” July 12, 2017


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