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Medical facilities need to work hard to avoid errors

There are many medical facilities in Boston, Massachusetts, that do excellent work and have satisfied patients. Other medical facilities, however, can run into problems, including those that can lead directly to claims of medical malpractice. Those claims are often due to medical errors that could have been avoided. Medical facilities need to be extra careful about avoiding those.

Be informed about repetitive stress injuries

Residents of Boston, Massachusetts, work in an array of professional positions. Some of those residents wind up with physical problems that can be directly tracked to the work that they do. If those problems aren't in any measure the fault of a person's employer, the person should file a workers' compensation claim.

Put safety first on the job

Throughout Boston, Massachusetts, there are thousands of workers who deal with dangerous equipment. Some of the danger is from the heat generated by equipment. If something goes wrong with it, severe injuries and death can result, along with costly workers' compensation cases for employers. For that reason, workers wanting to avoid severe injuries and death and employers wanting to avoid workers' compensation cases should be aware of the dangers presented by heat-generating equipment.

Get legal help if your child is injured during birth

There's something particularly tragic about a child who is injured during delivery. Partially, it's the recognition that the infant was robbed of so much potential -- right at the moment when all that potential should have begun. Partially, it's the recognition that the parents have nurtured a healthy infant for 40 long weeks -- only to have that infant's health destroyed by a careless mistake at the last moment.

Distracted doctors may place you in danger

Few people approach the prospect of surgery without some concerns. After all, there are not many situations in which you are so vulnerable as when you are unconscious on the operating table. Obviously, it takes a great deal of trust to submit to surgery, even one that may save your life.

Treatment center under investigation after 2 deaths this year

There are many care facilities in Boston, Massachusetts, including high-quality ones providing world-class care to their fortunate patients. At other care facilities, however, the patients are not so fortunate, and things go so awry that they wind up pursuing legal cases that allege hospital negligence. Sometimes, when care facilities become a matter of concern, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH) gets involved.

Administrative workers may be at a high risk of suffering MSDs

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, preventing musculoskeletal disorders is possible by simply fitting jobs to workers rather than the other way round. This is called ergonomics, which can improve any workplace -- from factory floors to offices. After examining a numerous variety of jobs in industries in which the prevalence of MSDs is high, ergonomists have been able to determine the risk factors.