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| Sep 13, 2017 | Uncategorized

Throughout Boston, Massachusetts, there are thousands of workers who deal with dangerous equipment. Some of the danger is from the heat generated by equipment. If something goes wrong with it, severe injuries and death can result, along with costly workers’ compensation cases for employers. For that reason, workers wanting to avoid severe injuries and death and employers wanting to avoid workers’ compensation cases should be aware of the dangers presented by heat-generating equipment.

Of course, a primary danger is getting burned, which can happen due to explosions, fires and simply making unprotected contact with hot surfaces. To avoid risk of explosions and fires, always check the work area to make sure that there is nothing explosive or flammable in it. In addition to checking personally, make sure that a supervisor knows about any heat-generating equipment that you plan to use in the area so that they can advise of any dangers.

Additionally, make sure to wear protective coverings on all parts of your body that could even possibly be at risk of injury from heat-generating equipment. No matter how expert you are with the equipment, you should not risk your body and your future. Protective coverings often include heat-resistant and flame-resistant gloves, body suits and masks.

You will want to make sure that all of those protective coverings are whole with no rips or tears in them. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure that they fit well, and cover all of the areas that they should, so no part of you is left exposed.

Remember, all concerns about heat-generating equipment are valid. If you’re supervisor tells you that you are just worrying too much, go to their supervisor. Safety, for you and your co-workers, is more important than time or money issues. If you do get hurt on the job and feel that your workplace could have been safer, talk with your attorney.

Source: Safety Health, “Staying safe when performing hot work,” accessed Sep. 13, 2017


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