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October 2017 Archives

Veterans fight for their rights after receiving substandard care

Americans want veterans to be treated well and to get excellent health care as part of the debt they're owed for their service to the country. Unfortunately, there have been problems with health care for veterans for decades. This is something that leaders at the national level say they are now working to try to correct.

Nurses and doctors need to report workplace violence issues

Everyone deserves to feel safe and actually be safe while they're at work -- unfortunately, many nurses and doctors work in an environment that is anything but. Violence against employees in the health care sector is a virtual epidemic of its own.

Facing a lengthy recovery after an injury in a confined space?

If you work in construction, you are more than likely well aware of the dangers you face each time you go to work. Falls from scaffolding, cranes or other heights make up an inordinate number of the injuries attributed to construction work. Other accidents involve collapses of roofs, walls or some other part of a structure. Electrocutions, injuries from falling equipment and improper use of equipment all lead to injuries as well.

Senate approves federal protections for state, municipal workers

The city of Boston, Massachusetts, has a wide array of employers, some public, and some in the private sector. Naturally, workers in both public and private sector occupations want their jobs to be as safe as possible. Employers should want that, too, for humanitarian reasons firstly, but also secondly, to avoid situations that result in workers' compensation claims.