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Veterans fight for their rights after receiving substandard care

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2017 | Medical Malpractice

Americans want veterans to be treated well and to get excellent health care as part of the debt they’re owed for their service to the country. Unfortunately, there have been problems with health care for veterans for decades. This is something that leaders at the national level say they are now working to try to correct.

Right now, six people allege that Veterans Affairs acted in a fraudulent manner to conceal the inept work of a podiatrist who provided substandard care services to veterans at a Maine VA hospital. They say that they suffered pain for years that could have been alleviated if they had been provided with the care services of a competent podiatrist instead.

The vets also say that the VA withheld findings about the bad podiatrist intentionally in order to run out the clock so that the veterans would not be able to pursue their complaints legally.

Their complaints are serious. One of the six veterans, after suffering a crushed ankle in a training exercise, was told that drastic surgery was necessary. Subsequently, however, she was told that the poor care she received adversely affected her condition. She says that she is now unable to work.

The veterans say that they have suffered a great deal of pain since receiving the poor care. They believe that much or all of that could have been avoided it they had received the care that they deserved at the start.

The VA has acknowledged that the podiatrist at the center of the claim did provide poor care. The VA has also acknowledged that it took years to tell the veterans about the problems with that care. However, federal lawyers have still filed a motion to have the cases dismissed because of the time it took for the veterans to file the case.

If you believe that you have a medical malpractice case, you should talk with a Massachusetts attorney as soon as possible to help ensure that you’re able to take any legal action before it is too late.

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