There are ongoing public works projects throughout Boston, Massachusetts, virtually every day of the year. When injuries are suffered by workers at the sites of those projects, there may be a basis for filing workers’ compensation claims. A recent accident one Mill Street one Thursday morning did result in an injury being suffered by a water department worker, and the details of that accident are now being made public.

The worker was in a shallow trench at the project site working on a water main when it partially collapsed when one side gave way. Fire and police officials were informed about the incident at 8:43 a.m. The director of the Department of Public Works declined to give the worker’s name out of a respect for personal privacy, but a police sergeant has addressed the accident on record.

The sergeant said that the worker and other members of his DPJ crew were digging in the trench, which was in the middle of a side street, when the partial collapse occurred. The side street is in the Danversport area, just off River Street and roughly one block from Port Corner.

At the time of the accident, the long water main was in view in there was a lot of heavy equipment along with water department trucks at the site. By the time the sergeant arrived at the site, the fire department had already arrived, and had emergency personnel in the trench backboarding the worker. They put the worker in an ambulance and then took him to the hospital. Police then held the scene so that state investigators could come in and do their work in order to establish how the accident happened.

The worker suffered a leg injury, and his injuries were described as not being life-threatening. .

Source: The Salem News, “Shallow trench collapse injures Danvers DPW worker,” Ethan Forman, Oct. 27, 2017