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Fall results in workers compensation case

| Nov 7, 2017 | Firm News

Boston is home to many hardworking individuals for whom English is their second language. A high percentage of them speak Spanish as their first language. When those individuals suffer injuries while working, they may need the help of others to translate from English to Spanish, including in cases that involve claims for workers’ compensation.

That happened recently, when a janitor who had been working at Tufts for 20 years suffered a fall and injured her left shoulder. Her granddaughter translated the janitor’s statements from Spanish to English. Those statements affirm that the janitor suffered a torn muscle, and that she feels that she has not yet received sufficient worker’s compensation in view of the injury and the resulting loss of work.

The janitor wore a vacuum backpack to clean stairs in the Granoff Music Center. At about 7:35 a.m. one morning, her supervisor yelled, startling her and made her fall. Remarkably, the supervisor’s reaction to this was to tug on the janitor’s arm and tell her to get up and get back to work.

Another custodian was in the building, but not in the area of the accident, at the time that it happened. That custodian said that he was called by the supervisor, who expressed her view of what happened. The other custodian then went to the scene of the accident and found the janitor who fell crying in pain on the stairs where she had fallen.

The janitor says that she blacked out at one point after suffering the injury. Subsequent to that, she was put into an ambulance. Unfortunately, the injury prevented her from working, which meant that she no longer got health insurance. To make matters worse, the custodial services company she worked for has refused to pay her medical bills.

In circumstances like these, it is often advisable for an injured person to explore their legal options so they can get the money they need to cover their medical expenses.

Source: The Tufts Daily, “Janitor Anita Posadas forced to leave work after injury on the job,” Elie Levine, Nov. 01, 2017


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