Learning that you have cancer is one of the most frightening revelations that you will ever experience. In truth, it is safe to say that no one ever wants to hear those words spoken by a physician. Yet, if you do indeed have cancer, you need those words and you need them as early as possible. Failure to diagnose cancer is more common than you may think. It could happen to you or to someone you love and need in your life.

Early and accurate diagnosis is critical for cancer patients as it allows life-saving treatments to begin right away. We believe this is the main reason that our neighbors in the Boston area should care about failure to diagnose. According to researchers with John Hopkins University, about one in 71 cancer patients were misdiagnosed in some way.

In one example, researchers discovered that a tissue biopsy labeled as cancerous was actually cancer-free. Further, researchers found that one in five cancers was not classified correctly. This means that some patients with cancer may not receive the proper treatment necessary for their illnesses.

Our law firm employs attorneys and medical professionals alike, which gives us a unique insight into cancer across the board. From a medical perspective, we understand that errors can happen, especially in the field of health care. From a legal perspective, we believe that failure to diagnose correctly should never be dismissed out of hand.

Our world is now filled with highly trained medical specialists with access to advanced technology. There is no longer any reason for a patient to endure errors involving cancer misdiagnosis. Pleases visit us online if you would like to read more about medical malpractice in Massachusetts.