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March 2018 Archives

What documentation do lawyers need in medical malpractice claims?

Sometimes, even the most clear-cut medical malpractice claim may fall apart in the end, leaving victims bewildered and hurt. Victims must always remember that what is obvious to you, and probably to your injury attorney, still needs to be supported with strong evidence. Documentation is a key element in medical malpractice claims, and without it, your case will certainly suffer.

Can workers’ compensation cover post traumatic stress disorder?

As you already know, workers' compensation exists to aid members of the workforce who suffer an injury on the job. It provides workers with financial compensation for lost wages and pays for any medical care needed because of the injury.

What medical conditions are commonly misdiagnosed?

People in Massachusetts and elsewhere rely on the knowledge of medical professionals to help them receive the right treatment. The first step in any treatment plan is pinpointing the patient's condition and delivering an accurate diagnosis. When failure to diagnose occurs, it triggers a cascade of potential problems for the patient such as:

Occupational asthma: Does your job leave you breathless?

Occupational asthma is the most prevalent work-related lung disease nationwide. While typically not as life-threatening as terminal lung cancer or other deadly conditions, it can nonetheless greatly affect your quality of life, leading to chronic breathing problems, shortness of breath, tightness in your chest and wheezing. Severe asthma attacks can even be fatal.

Healthcare workers, learn about your risk of a violent attack

Because our law firm staffs both legal and medical professionals, we have a unique insight into the injury risks healthcare workers in Boston face. Some of these risks are somewhat common such as slips and falls or lifting injuries.