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Work-related crush injuries can sideline you for life

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2018 | Firm News

Boston is home to many employees who work in an industrial setting such as a factory or a warehouse. Unfortunately, this type of work comes with many risks to a worker’s personal safety. One of the most overlooked or unexpected of these risks involves having one or more body parts crushed by heavy objects.

In a factory, for example, a worker could suffer a crush injury if part of his or her body becomes caught in a piece of machinery. In a warehouse setting, crush injuries could occur if a heavy object falls from height and lands on a worker’s body. Construction workers also run the risk of suffering crush injuries.

Beyond the initial damage caused by a crushing force, victims of crushing may also suffer severe injury to the cells within the affected muscles. Worsening the matter, the longer a worker remains trapped underneath or within the object, the more physical damage he or she will likely suffer. Without prompt emergency medical treatment, victims of crush injuries could lose limbs or suffer permanent disability.

Of course, workers’ compensation is available to injured industrial workers, but we want to make sure you take full advantage of your benefits. Since crush injuries often require long-term medical care, workers’ compensation insurance providers may review these cases with a critical eye. It is safe to say that if an insurer can, it will deny claims requiring it to pay for long-term injury expenses.

Our staff includes legal professionals as well as licensed medical workers, which makes us qualified to evaluate denied workers’ compensation claims from a unique perspective. Part of the services we provide to the Massachusetts workforce is publishing authoritative information on our website covering both the legal side and the medical side of work-related injuries. Please visit us online if you need further information.