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June 2018 Archives

What you can do to stay safe in an industrial work environment

If you are a part of the industrial workforce in Massachusetts, you likely know that your job is full of safety hazards. The powerful tools and heavy equipment pose constant dangers, along with toxic substances, extreme heat and excessive noise with which you must cope every day. Although your employer is responsible for your health and safety, you might find that he or she focuses more on profits.

Workers' compensation and the impartial medical exam

Not all Boston workers' compensation claims are settled quickly. Some of these claims can proceed slowly, making already injured workers even more uncomfortable. When an employer or a workers' comp insurance provider disputes the worker's claim, it can take even longer.

Failure to diagnose: Conditions that mimic ovarian cancer

If a doctor misdiagnoses an allergic condition as a common cold, it probably will not result in serious complications. In most cases, the patient will recover from the symptoms regardless of the diagnosis. However, some conditions will worsen without the correct diagnosis followed by immediate treatment. Ovarian cancer is such a condition and it can be fatal without proper treatment.

Working teens, your injuries are covered by workers' compensation

Getting a job while you are in your teens is both responsible and exciting. Now, you finally have access to your own funds that you can spend however you like or save for college. You have also joined the Massachusetts workforce. This means you are at risk of suffering work-related injuries. If this is your first job, it is wise to learn a little about workplace injuries and workers' compensation.