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Workers’ compensation and the impartial medical exam

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2018 | Firm News

Not all Boston workers’ compensation claims are settled quickly. Some of these claims can proceed slowly, making already injured workers even more uncomfortable. When an employer or a workers’ comp insurance provider disputes the worker’s claim, it can take even longer.

One way the program attempts to make a timely decision about a disputed workers’ compensation claim is by having an impartial medical examiner look at the worker. These impartial examiners are selected from a pool of specialists who are certified in a variety of medical fields. While this system is designed to protect you and your employer, it can be scary for injured workers.

Some of the questions we hear from workers anticipating an impartial exam include the following.

  • How do I know the examiner is truly impartial?
  • Is the examiner affiliated in any way with my employer or my place of work?
  • How are these medical examiners chosen?

We understand why workers ask these questions and why they often become defensive when they learn that their injury claim is in dispute. Our first response is to tell workers that the impartial examination may actually help their claim. Because medical professionals care about their reputations, they rarely break the rules to favor one party over another. The exam could actually add even more supporting evidence to a claim.

With that said, it is wise for injured workers in Boston to seek a legal opinion anytime a workers’ compensation claim is denied or under investigation. Doing so can provide personalized answers to questions like the ones above while easing a worker’s concerns over the impartial exam process. You can find additional information about claim denials and other issues on our workers’ compensation webpage.