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At least 5 injured in Massachusetts plant explosion

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2018 | Firm News

Working in the manufacturing industry can be hazardous and often leads to many workers’ compensation claims. Developing and implementing good safety practices may keep workers safe, but accidents and injuries still occur. According to IndustrySafe, a safety management company, these are the top four dangers that industrial workers face:

  1. Injury from falling
  2. Machine injuries
  3. Industrial motor vehicle injuries
  4. Electrical injuries

A recent accident at the Haartz Corporation’s plant in Acton, Massachusetts, shows that explosions are also a danger in manufacturing facilities. The incident left one employee with severe burns. Five other injured employees were taken to area hospitals for treatment.

A spokesperson for the local fire department reported that the explosion occurred on an assembly line, adding that the incident produced a “considerable amount” of smoke and fire. The Acton fire chief praised Haartz for its effective use of a fire suppression system. The system had already extinguished most of the flames before firefighters arrived on scene.

The president of the Haartz Corporation, which manufactures materials for automotive and other industries, indicated that the corporation was working to learn more about the status of its injured workers. He added that safety is the company’s top priority.

It hasn’t been reported how the explosion happened, but Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) personnel came to the plant to investigate the incident.

This tragic accident highlights how employees in all industries need the workers’ compensation program to help them cover their expenses after an injury occurs. Filing a claim is the right of all eligible Massachusetts workers. Anyone denied this right may find a solution by speaking to an attorney.