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Childbirth can be a death sentence for Black mothers

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2018 | Pregnancy-Related Injuries

If you are a pregnant African-American woman in Boston, you probably have no idea that you have three times the likelihood of dying during your pregnancy than your Caucasian counterpart. But according to a USA Today investigation, the United States is considered to be “the most dangerous place” for childbirth in the developed world.

In 2015, the Global Burden of Disease Study issued its report stating that there are 26 maternal deaths for every 100,000 live births in America. Those results pale in comparison to the nine deaths of mothers in the United Kingdom, the seven in Canada and the four that occur in Denmark, Sweden and Italy.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) claim that almost 700 mothers-to-be die annually either during or immediately following childbirth. When the mothers are black, the CDC determined that they have as much as four times the mortality rates. These numbers remain stable regardless of their educational levels, incomes and whether or not they obtained prenatal care during their pregnancies.

The disparity is due, in part, to “systemic … or structural racism, ” one who works in the field offered. Black women may be denied access to basic resources during their pregnancies based solely on their skin color.

Pregnant black women typically have less access to proper nutrition, housing, transportation and health care. These issues can impact the viability of the pregnancy as well as the life of the mother.

If you suffered an adverse event during your pregnancy, whether it can be attributed to your race or not, if it was the result of a doctor’s negligence, you have the right to take legal action.