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December 2018 Archives

Workers' comp may cover PTSD, other mental distress

Most people understand that if they break a leg on the job while carrying out their duties that they can file for workers' compensation benefits. They may realize that they also qualify for injuries and conditions that occur over time, like mesothelioma from asbestos exposure or repetitive stress injuries from an assembly line job.

Workers' compensation claim denials

Suffering an injury on the job can be frustrating, to say the least. Even a minor injury requiring stitches in your hand or a boot on your foot can make it difficult for you to perform the tasks of your job. Medical bills, prescriptions, missed work and other factors may create a financial struggle for you and your family. If your injury is more severe or results in permanent damage, such as a head injury or amputation, you may have many concerns about the future.

Dangers may be present in hospitals, so be aware

Hospital patients are vulnerable to negligence because their debilitated states make them less able to discern whether there is a problem with their treatment. It's estimated that annually up to 440,000 hospital patients succumb to hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) and medical errors in the United States. These two categories combined comprise the number three cause of death in America.

Can you claim benefits for injuries in an office setting?

When you consider all the ways in which employees can get hurt on the job, most people think first of more obvious hazards and workplace accidents like those affecting construction workers and others in typically dangerous jobs.

Dog detects cancer that emergency room doc misdiagnosed

One woman in another state proved that dogs can be women's best friends, too. Her Siberian husky's odd reactions to her led the woman to seek treatment for abdominal pain. However, the doctor at the Emergency Room only prescribed a narcotic painkiller after diagnosing her condition as an ovarian cyst.