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Can you claim benefits for injuries in an office setting?

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2018 | Firm News

When you consider all the ways in which employees can get hurt on the job, most people think first of more obvious hazards and workplace accidents like those affecting construction workers and others in typically dangerous jobs.

But the truth is that workers in many settings can get hurt on the job. While the injuries may differ, the end results are the same — pain, suffering and the inability to continue working while they heal from their injuries.

With that in mind, consider some potential hazards that office workers face.

Anyone can experience a fall in the workplace. Whether it’s a tumble due to a congested pathway or from a few feet off the ground on a ladder, falls can cause fractures that can take months to fully heal.

Getting struck or caught by office equipment also can cause injuries to office personnel. In a single year, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) recorded 15,680 injuries of this nature.

One example of this safety hazard is a filing cabinet left with multiple drawers hanging open, which destabilizes it. The cabinet could potentially topple over onto an unsuspecting worker, or become a tripping hazard.

The federal Office of Compliance is tasked with the oversight of congressional employees. They encourage office personnel to properly stack equipment and office supplies so that they pose no dangers to workers. The guidelines state that the heaviest items should be closest to the floor and load capacities of storage units and shelving should not be surpassed.

Supervisors should regularly schedule walk-throughs of the office to identify and remove potential safety hazards. Workers should also be encouraged to self-report any dangers they see to maintain a safer office environment.

Boston workers who get hurt on the job — whether in an outdoor construction site or inside of an office — may have the right to pursue unemployment compensation benefits for their injuries among their available options.