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January 2019 Archives

Your doctor should be able to recognize signs of fetal distress

As you journey through pregnancy, you may encounter numerous health challenges. From weight gain to sudden aversion to foods you normally enjoy, as well as trouble sleeping, and occasionally feeling as though you're riding an emotional roller-coaster, having a baby may be one of the most exciting, rewarding, yet difficult experiences of your life. If you've given birth in the past, you may have some idea what to expect although no two pregnancies or deliveries are exactly the same.

Did you get compartment syndrome from an on-the-job injury?

Boston workers could face severe injury from a condition they may never have heard of — acute compartment syndrome (ACS). The condition can develop in the muscles of a worker's limbs following a fracture or a crushing injury.

Can understaffing lead to negligence?

Data from England's University of Southampton confirmed what astute patients and their advocates have known all along: Hospitals with fewer registered nurses on staff experience higher mortality levels. It's logical to extrapolate that a dearth of nurses means that those who are working will not be able to deliver adequate care to their patients.

Workplace violence is threatening your safety

You may associate workplace injuries with things like falls, broken machinery or lax safety protocols. While all of these things certainly can and do contribute to worker injuries, most people leave out the third leading cause of worker death in the United States -- workplace violence. 

Did your nurse get enough sleep last night?

When you are a patient in a hospital or a resident of a nursing home, the last thing that you want to worry about is whether the nurse in charge of providing your care is sleep deprived. After all, patients are both vulnerable and dependent upon their nurses for the most basic tasks when they are hospitalized.

Recreational pot is legal but could still affect workers' comp

Regardless of where you stand on marijuana legalization issues, there are many reasons to be glad that recreational marijuana is now legal here in Massachusetts. For one, the new laws protect otherwise law-abiding people from getting arrested on pot charges. However, that does not mean that all residents are free to light up without consequences.