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March 2019 Archives

Settlements reached in nursing home negligence cases

This month, the Massachusetts attorney general announced fines and settlements with seven different nursing home facilities in the state. This is the final resolution to the allegations of "systemic failures" that injured multiple residents and cost at least five others their lives.

Black women face increased risk of dying in childbirth

Imagine experiencing the thrill of seeing your wife give birth to a much-loved infant, then just hours later seeing the life slip away from her as she bled out from an undetected birth injury. The distraught widower had only time to capture the baby's first moments of life with his mother before she succumbed to internal bleeding from the lacerated bladder that occurred during her cesarean section.

Can I be fired after getting hurt on the job?

If an employee gets hurt on the job, the traditional trajectory of the incident is that they seek medical treatment, recuperate and return to work. During their recuperation period, they may draw workers' compensation benefits that supplement their income.