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April 2019 Archives

Doctors misdiagnose their patients at an alarming rate

You trust your doctor to make the best possible decisions regarding your health care. Like other patients in Massachusetts, you have to rely on medical professionals to take you seriously, order the right tests and render the correct diagnoses. Unfortunately, doctors misdiagnose patients more often than you might think. If a doctor recently treated you but you are not getting better, he or she could have rendered a misdiagnosis.

Massachusetts woman sues fertility clinic

Choosing in vitro fertilization to begin or enlarge a family can be a difficult path to parenthood, one that may be fraught with disappointment. But one North Attleboro woman was shocked at the discovery that a Providence, Rhode Island, fertility clinic retained a cryopreserved "morula," or embryo in its early stages, from her in vitro fertility efforts back in 2004.